Menswear of the Lombards. Reflections in the light of archeology, iconography and written sources (eBook)


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“Menswear of the Lombards”. This paper aims at focusing on menswear, a cornerstone of the Lombards which used to be an essential expression of status for the German societies. The main goal is to offer a consistent and useful summary of the historical data, providing the reader with an up-to-date bibliographic support and a series of reconstructive interpretations, both encouraging a critical approach to the subject and helping the work of mostly any meticulous re-enactor.

Often considered to be “the most barbaric among barbarian populations”, the Lombards actually boast one of the most prosperous and complex civilizations of the Migration Period. Thei werw able to bequeath refined cultural and artistic treasures, as well as enchanting crafts.

Textile materials, colors and clothing are described using documentary, archaeological and iconographic sources from the Lombard kingdom in Italy, comparing them with the evidence pertaining to Germanic Europe and the neighboring Mediterranean world. In addition, the author revisits the currently known theories on the spatha suspension belt, a basic element of the armed man equipment of the Lombard menswear.

The author
Yuri Godino received his MA in Medieval Archaeology at the University of Siena and took part in many academic research projects. He cooperated with the “Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici della Toscana” in view of archaeological excavations and field-walking surveys, specializing in the Lombard material culture and also dealing with Experimental Archaeology and Medieval Pottery Technology issues.
He is the director of the “Experimental Area of Massello” (Italy) and one of the founding members of the Project “Presenze Longobarde”.

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